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Our Mission

It is my mission to promote better breast health and personal empowerment through providing professional bra fittings and education. No woman should have to suffer the discomfort of a poorly fit bra, and no woman should think of bra shopping as unnecessary torture. Everyday I get to help a few women learn to love their bodies, and their curves just a little bit more. And everyday, I get to see a smile on a woman who has changed her mind about bra shopping, and is - dare I say it - excited about getting a new bra! So stop by for a fitting! No appointment necessary and free with purchase. It really is life changing.

About Us

My name is Lyndsay, and I bought Chuchi Cheeks Lingerie Boutique in October 2012. I graduated from the Olds College Fashion Apparel Design Program in 2005, and the Fashion Marketing and Management Program in 2006. I have always wanted to delve into the Fashion Industry, and being that I am a bit of a lingerie addict (maybe "a bit" is an understatement), it only made sense to buy a lingerie boutique when the opportunity presented itself.

I am proud to say that I own Chuchi Cheeks Lingerie Boutique, and equally so to say that my boutique is a small, independent business. While it's sometimes scary to own a small business, I love that my store adds to the landscape of my community. I hear daily that my clients appreciate the store being here. It not only saves them a trip to the city, but it keeps them from purchasing the wrong bra at certain other stores. It has been an exciting experience getting to know my clients, their needs and finding quality products that I think will excite them as well.

It's paramount to learn how a bra should fit. While you don't really have a bra size (every brand and style are different, and will fit differently), it's important to know how your bra shoud fit when trying them on. It's equally important to know how to tell when your bra doesn't fit. Unfortunately, most women just don't know what to look for. I have to admit, I used to be one of those women. Even after getting "properly" fitted at a high end city boutique, I was still in the wrong size. And while at the time I thought it was a great experience, looking back it was lacking. I was put into bras and told whether or not they fit; I wasn't told why they were or were not fitting. Now, I am very small busted, but I have large busted clients and friends who had been put into the wrong size (most likely to make the sale, versus truly serving the client) and it caused health issues. Back and neck pain, muscle spasms, and the need to visit a chiropractor every week. Once being properly fitted, everything improved from pain and back problems, to just fitting clothes better. Because if you want to look your best, you need to start with your foundations! That all being said, I strive to ensure all my clients are in the perfect bra because I know the affects of a bad bra. So if I don't have the right size or style, as much as I hate sending a client away emtpy handed, I would rather not sell you a bra that day and call you when something comes in that I think will be perfect for you, than sell you a bra I know isn't the right one for you. You should feel comfortable in your bra; you shouldn't even really feel your bra when it's on. I know a lot of women have come to think that a bra should be unfomfortable, but that's not the case. So if that's how you feel about bras, or you have neck and back pain, are always having bra issues, or think of bra shopping as torture, then please visit your local independent boutique! They will help you find the perfect bra, and maybe ignite a new shopping passion too. If you are in the Central Alberta area, stop by Chuchi Cheeks Lingerie Boutique for a visit. I would love to meet you!

~ Lyndsay


Shop at Chuchi Cheeks Lingerie Boutique for luxury and everyday brands from bras and knicker, to lingerie and corsets, to yoga and sleepwear and more. 



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